April 01, 2020

Welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis! We put together this handy cheat sheet to define some canna-specific words, terms and jargon that you might have heard buzzing around. Read on, and impress your budtender the next time you're at your local dispensary by speaking their language!

Access Point

An access point is a state authorized location that’s been authorized by the state to sell medical and non-medical marijuana. Also known as a dispensary, access points are appearing all over.

Alcohol extraction

The manner in which ethyl or isopropyl alcohol is used to strip essential oils and trichomes from the marijuana plant. A potent and sticky golden hash oil is produced that is then purified via heat, vacuum pressure, or agitation.


A means of breeding that transfers the wanted traits from a parent to its offspring. Backcrossing involves breeding a plant with one of its parents which strengthens specific genes and maintains the survival of strains that are rarer.


You can make a blunt by purchasing a cigar, removing the tobacco, then re-rolling the cigar with marijuana. Blunts come in all shapes and sizes and contain enough marijuana to last for half an hour or more. Popular cigar brands used for blunts are Phillies Blunts and Dutch Masters but be aware the wrap contains nicotine.


Similar to a hookah, a bong – usually made from glass, ceramic, or plastic – is used to smoke herbal extracts, cannabis flowers, or even tobacco. It filters smoke via water to cool it down before being breathed in. All a bong really needs is a bowl and a stem but you can find all shapes and sizes on the market.


Nominally, the bowl is the part of a smoking device – such as a pipe – where the MJ flower is placed, but also known as a unit of measurement which amounts to a few small nuggets.


A bud refers to the marijuana plant nuggets that are ground up and smoked. The bud contains cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBD, and THCV.


A type of concentrate made from marijuana with a similar consistency to wax. It’s a hash oil with a very potent seventy percent or more level of THC and has to be dabbed via an oil rig.


Someone who works in a dispensary is dubbed a budtender. They are usually quite knowledgeable and can answer most questions you have – ranging from the types of strains on sale, the different ways to ingest, and so on.


There are over 60 molecules that are found in marijuana plants and they are known as cannabinoids (CBD). CBD doesn’t share the same psychoactive elements that THC has so you can’t get high from it. CBD can be used in tinctures, oils, topicals, and more.


These are the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. The most well-known is THC because of its psychoactive effects but the CBD cannabinoid is known for its health benefits. 


Found originally in Central Asia and the subcontinent of India, cannabis is a genus of flowering plants. The three major forms are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis – but Cannabis ruderalis is the least popular because it’s very small and contains very little THC.


If the cannabis product is refined from flowers into a potent and more purified form then it’s known as a concentrate – and subsequently more potent. Concentrates can include hash oil, pressed hash, water hash, or kief.


Short for “crossbreeding,” a method of breeding various cannabis plants together to create a new strain. The new strain contains elements from both parent plants.


If you’re making a concentrate like hash or kief, you’ll want to use the crystals – also known as trichomes. These are the elements of the cannabis plant that contain the most THC. The more crystals you see on a bud, the more potent it is.


Dabbing is a means of inhaling concentrates such as BHO (butane hash oil). One places a small amount (a ‘dab’) of concentrate onto the heated surface of an oil rig pipe and then inhales it. Dabbing is more potent than smoking flower or using a vape.


Extremely potent, very high quality marijuana is known as dank. Dank is also a word that’s becoming synonymous with “epic” or “cool.”


Dewaxing is a process in creating cannabis concentrates that involves removing waxes and lipid fats to make a product that’s both purer and more stable.


You’ll find a diffuser on a water pipe; it’s a special tube that’s been added to help boost airflow and bubbles. Diffusers create a tastier, cleaner inhale and are often placed at the bottom of a pipe.


This is a store that can legally sell cannabis alongside other clothing and paraphernalia. They come as medical, recreational, or, depending on the state you live in, hybrid. They’re also referred to as Access Points.


You find a dome (AKA a banger) on an oil rig; apparatus used to smoke concentrates. They’re usually made from glass and fit over the nail in order to grab all the vapor that’s produced when concentrate meets the heated area.


A hand-held wooden box that contains both a one-hitter and some ground marijuana is a dugout. They’re widely-used because they’re easy and discreet.


Yet another slang term for hash oil, earwax is a highly potent concentrate packed with THC. Its texture is created via a whipping method. 


Marijuana-laden products that are eaten (as opposed to smoking) are known as edibles. Edibles most popular form is as candy and baked goods but can also be coffee, soda, beef jerky, or more. Eating the marijuana leads to a far longer and more intense high because it’s being digested.


A popular measurement of cannabis is an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) which is referred to as an eighth. 


Endo – sometimes referred to as indo – refers to cannabis grown indoors, hydroponically. Endo/Indo is also used to mean very good bud.


The flower isn’t what you think; rather it refers to either the sticky, hairy bud or the parts of the marijuana plant that are turned into cannabis products. Flowers are actually the plant’s reproductive organs.


Another term for ‘flower’ – this word’s first known use was in the 17th century and originated in the Sanskrit, Hindi, and Urdu languages.


This is the process by which the seed of a marijuana plant cracks and sprouts a seedling; germination is the beginning of the plant’s growth cycle. Around 8 out of 10 seeds are successfully germinated.


A circular device that is either steel, metal, or wooden that can breakdown the marijuana bud is called a grinder. They generally have a few sections; a top area with sharp points and holes that, when ground, breaks down the bud into the lower chamber where it can then be used to roll joints, make blunts, or pack a bowl. A third section is found at the bottom where it gathers kief that some users sprinkle on top of the bud.


Another measurement of cannabis, a half amount to 14 grams or a half-ounce.

Hash/Hash Oil

When you gather trichomes from either a dry sieve or water extraction means, the end product is known as hash. It’s a highly potent powder packed with many cannabinoids. Hash oil (AKA Honey Oil) is a similar product made via a solvent-based chemical process.


A popular strain of sativa, Haze is generally recognized as coming from Mexico, Colombia, and parts of Southeast Asia. The haze plant can be twenty feet tall making it longer to harvest. It’s often crossbred with indica strains.


A virgin breed of cannabis that has yet to be mixed or crossbred. 


Derived from Cannabis sativa, hemp only holds a tiny amount of THC. It’s been used commercially to make products as varied as rope, fuel, building materials, paper and more. It even has potential to be a substitute for fossil fuels – but a federal ban on hemp production has stunted its full potential.


A hybrid occurs when two, genetically different cannabis strains are crossed to make a stronger combination. A majority of the strains sold in dispensaries are hybrids.


This is a means to grow marijuana via a soil-less method; instead, water and nutrients are circulated directly to the plants roots which can lead to better plants.


There are three classifications of cannabis and Indica is one of them (the other two are sativa and ruderalis). Indica plants might be smaller but they make the most bud. They’re known for a soothing body high and came from Asia/Middle East.


A rolled cigarette packed with marijuana is commonly known as a joint. Usually rolled with thin and clean-burning rolling papers ,joints are typically easy to roll and very portable. 


Kush is another type of marijuana strain (like Indica or Sativa) that’s presumed to have come from the Hindu Kush mountain range where it’s been harvested for centuries. It has a calming/relaxing/sedating effect.


Marijuana is a very broad term that includes a plant and the properties found inside its flowers; THC and CBD. It contains over 80 cannabinoids and bioactive chemicals that can range in effect from euphoric to relaxing and is used for either medicinal or recreational purposes. 


Another measurement, an ounce refers to four quarters or 28 grams of marijuana. Buying an ounce is the equivalent of buying in bulk. 


A pre-roll is a joint/blunt that’s already been made and are usually available to buy at dispensaries if you wish to dispense of the time involved in rolling your own joint.


The trichomes utilized in creating hash are also known as resin. It can also refer to the sticky residue that collects on the inside of marijuana smoking paraphernalia after repeated use. 


The very end of a joint is known as a roach and is difficult to smoke without burning your fingers. People use roach clips to help smoke them. 


Another species of cannabis plant, Sativa originated in the Middle East, South America, and Asia. It’s a tall plant that grows over five feet and is known for both its cerebral effects and its ability to cause paranoia or increase anxiety in some users.


Skunk is a powerful cannabis strain that is also quite pungent – a smell that’s similar to that of a skunk. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid.


Groups of hydrocarbons found in the plant’s essential oils are known as terpenes; chemical compounds that create both the smell and flavor of the flower. A terpene is produced by cells located inside the glandular trichomes of the marijuana plant. 


THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, one of the best-known cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. It is known for its psychoactive effects that lead people to get high. THC has also been used medicinally, treating issues such as lack of appetite. 

Vape pen

A portable vaporizer in the shape of a pen is known as a vape pen. It can be used with any number of pre-filled cartridges made from all types of cannabis. Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular because of their portability, discreetness, and lack of marijuana smell.


When the marijuana plant is dissolved into a solvent and the solvent is later removed, it creates a concentrated form that’s known as wax. It’s more potent than the regular flower because it’s absolutely loaded with THC. 

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