October 10, 2019

With the blazing days of summer behind us, it’s time to cozy up and blaze indoors with a good book – and with so many to choose from, we’re going to look at some great reads about cannabis. In no particular order, here we go.


stoned beyond belief
Stoned Beyond Belief – Action Bronson

Explore every nook and cranny of all that is pot from scientific analyses to recipes. Filled with photos and illustrations, Bronson takes us through why cannabis is a life-changing, horizon-expanding conduit for happiness. Organized into one hundred entries, so it’s easy to dip in and out of, there’s not much you won’t know about pot once you’ve finished reading it.



Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana – Dan Michaels

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana should be on your Reading List too. The photography of the buds is simply beautiful, whether you imbibe cannabis or not, and you can learn a lot from its smart and practical entries. The section marked “Primer” looks at the culture of the flower and focuses on the botany behind each strain. And a section called “Buds” examines the lineage, flavor, and type of high associated with 170 amazing strains. 


leafly guide to cannabis

The Leafly Guide To Cannabis: A Handbook For The Modern Consumer – Leafly Team

Now it’s becoming legal, cannabis is a growing market and will prove to be even more so because the product is far more diverse than alcohol. There are different flavors, different effects on the body and mind, and different methods of ingestion and The Leafly Guide looks at everything. Use this book to navigate what, to some, looks like a massive, almost impenetrable field, and make sense of it all. We do!


grass roots

Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America – Emily Dufton

Historian Emily Dufton tells of the amazing path cannabis has taken – from its initial acceptance to demonization at the hands of religious types to its current emergence back into acceptance again. This didn’t happen by itself; rather it was down to thousands of grassroots (no pun intended) activitists who threw themselves into changing the law.

Take the 1970’s for example; some of those activists managed to get marijuana decriminalized in 12 states but, thanks to Nancy Reagan and others, pot became a national scourge and a new, accelerated war on drugs began.

Activists have since changed their messaging and now promote pot as something that helps a person from a medical standpoint or as something that harshly targets minorities. It’s a fascinating read and really enlightening.


brave new weed

Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis – Joe Dolce

Brave New Weed for a brave new world; that’s how the former editor-in-chief of Details and Star puts his book. He traces the history and looks at the potential history of pot from all angles; social, medical, legal, and cultural. What do we really know about pot? About its uses? About its diverse history? Brave New Weed takes a look at all those topics and clears up a lot of basic misunderstanding. And it’s written really well too.

All five of these books are recommended reads and you can find them on Amazon or wherever you prefer to do your book/Kindle shopping. Whether you’re at home, or at a friend’s fall gathering, be sure to have your Ignite by your side as you chill and read.