November 11, 2019

Have you ever envied a friend’s joint-rolling abilities? The way they skillfully grind the bud, arrange it perfectly on the rolling paper, then, voila, produce the perfect joint. It’s like a superpower...or is it? Could it actually be a lot easier than you think? We have some good news for you, friend. It’s finally time you stopped relying on others to roll the perfect joint and begin rolling them yourself, because we’re gonna teach you right here.

In order to roll the perfect joint you’ll need the right supplies. Grab your favorite strain of Ignite cannabis, a grinder, filter/tips, papers and a lighter – because those are the basic necessities.

Tip #1: Choose The Right Paper

You’ll find a plethora of rolling papers, each with its own unique properties. They are: , hemp, and rice. We recommend you steer clear of the bleached and flavored papers (aftertaste and impurities, no thanks) and, if you’re a total newbie, practice on hemp as it’s easier to roll and stays lit longer. Those at the top of their joint rolling game prefer rice papers because they offer a more precise roll as well as a slow, flavorless burn.

You’ll also want to ensure the size of the paper fits the amount of people you’ll be sharing the joint with. One of the best sizes is the single-wides. The standard size for rolling is generally 1 ¼” and will serve between 1-3 people with average tolerance.

Tip #2: Use A Grinder

You’ll then need to grind your herb as evenly as possible. There are many types of grinders on the market at various price points, but you just need one that gets the job done. Many of the cheaper products on the market perform just as well as the more expensive ones. You should make sure to get a metal one, though, as they provide a smoother grinding action – more consistent – and they’re also more durable. Some of the cheap grinders are very undesirable. Improperly milled grinders can cause metal to flake into the weed. Same with wooden and plastic grinders. So get yourself a solid metal one.

Tip #3: Add A Filter/Tip (Crutch)

Because joints tend to get soggy at the tip as they’re passed around, you’re probably best served to use what are called crutches; these serve as a mouthpiece. Made from glass or wood pulp, they also act as a handle that allows for an optimized airflow making the draw that much easier. They’re also great for helping you construct the joint in the first place as they provide a solid foundation to begin the rolling process. Utilizing a filter allows you to enjoy the joint in its entirety without burning your lips or wasting any weed. 

Tip #4: Lay Out The Weed Before You Roll

There are two distinct styles of joints. The first is called a Pinner –thin and straight like cigarettes- good for 1-2 people. The second is the Cone – these cone shaped joints resemble a baseball bat as they are narrow towards the filter and wider at the end. Cones are typically larger joints and better suited for a larger sesh with friends. Whichever style you prefer, make sure you arrange the flower neatly into the paper or else it will be challenging to maintain the desired shape. Once you’ve got the weed looking like you want it, roll the paper forward and back between your fingers. Now check to be sure that the weed is evenly distributed throughout the paper. Because if it is not distributed properly, it will be difficult to get a tight tuck and seal. 

If everything checks out, it’s time to roll up. In a nutshell, you’ll: 

*Place the crutch in the center at one end of the paper. Make sure the sticky strip of the paper is at the top and facing toward you.

*Distribute the ground bud in the paper as evenly as possible.

*Wrap and form the paper delicately around the bud.

*Begin to tuck around the crutch, roll ¾ of the way, lick and finish rolling the paper around the weed. 

*Pack down the rest of the weed into the joint from the burning end. 

*Twist and seal it.

*Light up and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You worked hard on that.

Tip #5: Keep Practicing and You’ll Get Better

We’ve got some of the best flower out there (check out Ignite Cannabis Black Jack, Mimosa, SFV OG, White Buffalo and much, much more). After all, the perfect joint deserves the perfect bud.